Ty’s path to the OFA took him from his small-town roots in Colville, Washington, to serving his country in the military, to the fishing boats of Alaska, and back to Washington state, where he currently lives with his wife, Tracy, and their three kids. Since 2012, Ty has split his time between his home, where his graphic- and web design career is based, and working the Oilfields of North Dakota, in the jobs that brought the Oilfield Army brand to life.













Nick started his Oilfield career in 2002, and worked through the next seven years in Montana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Texas, California, Nevada, Kansas and Wyoming. He worked his way up from roughneck to rig manager, and has since become a highly respected drilling foreman, operations manager, and consultant. The oil industry has taken Nick from a small town in northeastern Washington to the deserts of Oman and back, so he has firsthand knowledge of the sacrifices that most Oilfield workers make to ensure that their families are taken care of.