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Outlook looking good!

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Guys this is incredible, We have to send a huge shout to all you The OFA Enlisted. YOU MAKE THIS HAPPEN. When we jumped into 2014 we knew things were going to be happing this year. Everyday we are growing, and its because of people like you. OFA is more than hoodie or a cool logo. We are a family consisting of everyone you can think of in the field, our families on the road and the ones at home, hell even our crazy buddies (we all have them). We loved getting feedback from all of you out there that are making OFA your own and we will strive to make and grow this brand into something that truly represents us all. As you know we have a busy 8 weeks ahead of us and we will be launching a lot of new gear and products! You all have been very patient and we appreciate it. It will be worth it. Hard work always pays off in the end. We all believe that and know it to be true. So if your new, welcome to Oilfield Army! If you have been around you know the drill! KCDO! 

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